Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Wishing Star, originally uploaded by Hong CN.



Monday, September 22, 2008


Lonely Night (2), originally uploaded by Hong CN.

想起今天要做夜班﹐整個身體就好像提不動勁兒似的﹐還感覺有一點兒“賭懶"。 以前還笑那些夜貓子不睡覺﹐現在我還更厲害﹐整晚可能沒得睡!~ 漫漫長夜.. 還得熬過去...

Monday, September 1, 2008


Prayers' Candles, originally uploaded by Hong CN.

While every Malaysian celebrate with Independence Day, my grandma passed away during a quiet afternoon.

A night before when I drove my wife back, we fetched 96 years old grandma to hospital due to her breathe problem. My heart was sinking when I felt her weaker and weaker moment. Suddenly I was shivering with thunders appeared randomly in between thick cloudy sky. When doc confirmed on her admission, I was feeling even freezing than normal in midnight ICU waiting room. TV was still on, I only watched with emptiness.

Grandma stayed one night. Everything seems fine during morning. During afternoon, when I visited grandma, she already in coma status, my relatives arrived and we kept calling grandma to make her stay awake ~~ failed, she was in deep coma, she was having heart palpitation. Grandma unable to breathe successfully. Doc asked for any direct relationship person to approve to use tube to assist her breathe. I went back home to get ready to fetch parents. Decided to take care of my daughter. According to wife, mum managed to arrive, grandma seem like waiting for her arrival then release her last breathe.

When grandma's body finally "arrived" home, I saw she just sleeping peacefully. I looked at her smiley face and mumbled a few words - I was glad that she finally release from her suffering. Saw a black butterfly flying inside the house before I drove back to Penang.

I smile - grandma finally release - 解脱, in Chinese.

安息吧, 婆婆...