Friday, October 15, 2010

Thanks, my old C. Steinberg buddy!

Would you like to have a drink? :-)

Dare not reveal my previous formal training in piano study as I no longer technically fit enough to play the old C. Steinberg buddy. I feel indeed shamed. The dark brown upright piano accompanied me for 25 years and able to recall those insane 13 hours of nonstop playing to prepare for exam.

Now, every time I sit down to touch on the black and white keyboard, I hesitate to press. The sound that keyboard hammered those 3-strings no longer meet my expectation anymore. Not sad. To get a beautiful music, it is indeed to have a self-discipline to practice, practice and practice. Distraction and other interests took away the old passion. For this moment, I choose not to allow music appreciation to fade away like that. I'm still appreciating the formal knowledge gained, the grateful heart to enjoy every musical instrument that performs, especially piano.

If you are interested in music appreciation, I suggest you enjoy Baroque composer such as Bach. Air on G string indeed move me at all time. A look-like-simple binary form able to touch your heart emotionally. Pachelbel's Canon in D is another master piece that you should not miss.

If you are a fan of Chopin, I bet you love his Nocturne! A talented young composer who died in his 30s. His Nocturne composition did calm me down when I previously faced insomnia.

Not to mention Beethoven's famous For Elise and his emotional Moonlight Sonata. Every time listens to his composition, I need a while to bring back my calmness. Hardly imagine how Beethoven fought against his deafness while composing great composition via ear to feel the vibration of piano sound.

Thanks, my old C. Steinberg buddy! You helped me opening up my heart to music world. Appreciate those great masterpieces that inspired. Without you, my younger life will not be enriched with those treble and bass clefs, major and minor chords, scales, arpeggios and so on. Thanks from bottom of my heart.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Learn to let go


A realistic life indeed realistic! Keep on telling myself not to drop tear or cry though 三姑 just passed away peacefully during her sleep. Eventually I decided to jot down some words to remember during my rare insomnia.

Deep inside, I refused to accept this occurred unexpectedly and too sudden. My emotional barrier finally collapsed completely.

It was joyful during the Genting trip together and celebrate family gathering. The most painful moment when I edited the photos of 三姑 and I couldn't say directly how much I'm going to miss her. I'm weak! Reminded wife not to cry while on the way to Alor Setar to attend 三姑 funeral ceremony. Saw 三姑 in her coffin, I was the first one broken into tears uncontrollably.

Final night of funeral ceremony, felt heavy heart to say goodbye to 三姑. During driving, I nonstop talking to brother-in-law to avoid silence dragging me into possible chance to drop tear. Reached home safely. Confirmed my kids slept soundly, I stared on the ceiling with total emptiness even room was completely dark. In order to make myself sleep - I mumbled - time to learn to let go.

Rest In Peace, 三姑...