Friday, June 12, 2009

爸爸,我大大的时候... (Papa, when I grow up...)

Ying - Potential Photographer



Recently, daughter always have the same statement from her mouth:
"Papa, when I grow up, I can drive car."
"Papa, when I grow up, I can eat ice cream."
"Papa, when I grow up, I can go shopping myself."

While admitted this, undeniably I'm struggling from my deepest heart expectation on her statement: "Papa, when I grow up, I can take care of you."

Bed of Roses

Bed of Roses

Who said you must buy 2 dozens of roses? Why can't I plant and give you 2 dozens of roses? Yup 24 roses at this moment of posting!

If you use your heart to plant it, you see the result. I like roses :-)

Have great days and take good care.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Plants Portrait

Well, initially I would like to capture my red rose tree bought two years plus ago and the flowers are still "growing" unexpectedly :-) For guy, plant a rose is far more worth to just buy flowers for your partner. Added another yellow rose which I hardly resist to capture it as well. Now I have a retangular pot to enjoy two different colours of roses.

Also in conjunction with Penang Floral Exhibition, I totally shopped and took away 4 plants in one buy. And two lovely pots are my additional rewards with discounted price.

Red roses which already last for two years plus, my 2006 Christmas gift for my lovely wife.
Red Roses

Light yellow rose added in upon my wife specific request for long time. Hardly find a beautiful light yellow roses
Yellow Rose

Japanese roses - it is funny to see the flowers will only open whenever there is direct sun ray. Intended to capture a few times but failed - no sun ray :-) Interesting! Dedicate this to my eldest daughter, Ying.
Japanese Rose

Malapodium - just love to see something striking yellow colour in among green leaves. Dedicated for my son, Yang.

Dracena - checked with seller about this specific name. I have totally no idea plant name at all, still in learning stage. Bought to align with my department's organized green project.

The rest of the captures were from my department's green project plants. With little "studio-type" setup with warm lights, the end result is amazing to me.















Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kar Wai & Bee Ling (Registration of Marriage)

It is my honour to capture this meaningful session for Kar Wai & Bee Ling's ROM. The relatives, environment, everyone carries a smiley face and piece of wish for both of them. The moment to sign the legal document to "upgrade" become husband and wife carries the proof of time to move to next level of life together; the braveness that promise to sustain the relationship and the mutual joy that reflecting on their faces.

I congratulate them again - Kar Wai & Bee Ling :-) Below are some captures.

Rings exchange
Kar Wai & Bee Ling ROM

Kar Wai & Bee Ling ROM

Kisses with joy
Kar Wai & Bee Ling ROM

Kar Wai & Bee Ling ROM