Thursday, August 5, 2010


Negative does not mean the opposite of affirmative in Special Ops Unit. Sticks with me if you read my previous post on cross processing. The story does not end there. Negative film suppose to be the whole term, I purposely put it in vague meaning to extend possible imagination.

This round, with Eu-Jeen and Chui Kim permission. I'm allowed to post up the photos using Fujicolor Pro400H negative film to write crappy statement over here. It's 18SX range in short if you are not ready.

Please note that the photos here totally fresh output from negative film scanned. No editing at all.

Eu-Jeen's shot on sunrise

Bear in mind that the mainland details still there. The colour tone already killed me (ok, I know some of you may conclude me insane - what the heck with that kind of purple-ish and orange-ish so special. Hey let me release the tension ok? please!). Checked with Eu-Jeen on digital shot - the colour unable to match at all.

My friend - Chui Kim. Thanks for her permission on show off her portrait.

The natural colour skintone already taken my breathe away. The bokeh behind her - just like popped up 3D (it means 3-dimension, dude!) feeling from background. Check out the little grainy feel again. Of course this is not cross-processing. It's C41 chemical! Oh no, not again to use bombastic term here. Period!

Finally - I can't show you my real face in tack-sharp. Being a victim of free model for Ektarcolor (not Eu-Jeen's pak-ciao-eyes to focus wrongly, right buddy?), the colour is very natural again under office light. Oppsss... don't tell my boss please.

Nice negative colour? Alright, time to jump into negative film wagon. Have confident dude, it's nothing so difficult to press the film SLR shutter. This requires your bravery little. Have fun then!