Monday, June 28, 2010

开怀篇 (5) - 射我的门 (Shoot my goal post)

Outstanding (6)


A pair of husband and wife watch World Cup, wife is extremely high, hug her hubby to show tenderness.

"Tonight, you must shoot my goal post, ok?"
Hubby pushed her away. "What do you know about the goal post?"
Shooting own goal post is considered lose, shoot other goal post only is considered win!" hubby gets impatiently.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Film desire

Close Up (Nikon D40 front)

I'm sick. The title indicates the topic of photography - of course, not technical. I say myself sick, does not mean I'm technical freak. No F-stop nor how much EV setting raised in this post. Enough. Let me release little desire of writing addict.

Always have the need to get a real manual film camera to re-touch my excitement on composing image and those waiting moments. Of course I'm not saying that to switch back since I went digital. Rationally, this is quite costly to play with film to go for each and every shutter click you press. Film feeling consists of your real careful calculation and angle to plan creatively. There is no delete button like digital single len reflex (DSLR). You no longer shoot like machine gun to test out. Experiment no longer able to fully extend in film unless you are rich enough to spend readily.

In fact, I did own a Minolta Dynax 505i AF film SLR. What I intend to experience is to have total control on setting the exposure and everything. In older days, photographer used reaction to set the exposure based on instinct (you can call this as experience).

Film feeling provides entire different experience on viewing the end result. This is not something like you able to achieve in photoshop (PS) editing. I love particularly in positive slide capturing and processing it crossly. The colour output will give me the mood! Ummppphhhh - I called.

I'm exciting to await the slide film roll in my FE. Of course, will share out when the film gets processed. Stay tuned! :-)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

开怀篇 (4) - 陆陆续续





孩子的造句是 - 下班了,我的爸爸陆陆续续地回家。

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

北马谢氏宗祠 (North Malaya) Cheah Si Chong Soo

First - I would like to show my gratitude on Chuan Wooi's trust to allow me to capture Cheah Si Chong Soo (北马谢氏宗祠) committee group photo and their sworn in ceremony. My truly honour to have their kind understanding and confident.

Thanks to Chuan Wooi to permit me on linking with their official website.

Group photo
Thanks again to every committee's cooperation and sense of humour to cause them grin on group photo. Everyone is beautiful and handsome still :-)

Sworn in ceremony

Friday, June 4, 2010

Gathering with gangs

Friendship is something very unique. The connection within and the cohesiveness that is unexplainable in words. Let the time tells... it's always good to have gang to gather around, be it an hour or just a simple meal to chit chat around. Especially those already married with small kids or babies, you find yourself is having lots of limitation and consideration to pop out to meet up. Fully understand. Anyway, I personally wish to have this gathering monthly to sustain the connection with you all. Whether or not, we have a long chat or just a few minutes chat... I fully enjoy the environment. Yup - I know I'm a bit uncle-type that keeps on mumbo-jumbo. Take good care and see you around in next meet up :-)

The Gang
The Gang

We really had a good time and good meals!

Spaghetti - forgot the exact name

Fish fingers & chips
Fish Fingers & Chips

Totally forgot what meal is that... fried tofu? :-P
Fried Tofu? :-P

The Killing - Clam Chowder soup - my favourite :-)
Clam Chowder Soup