Friday, October 16, 2009

Weekened Coffee Bean Breakfast

Was truly excited to bring two little monsters - Ying & Yang for the first time to Coffee Bean Breakfast. My son slept through the whole session, luckily he didn't make noise. Ying was enjoying walking around and having her favourite banana muffin.

Happy kids for first time visit Coffee Bean

My son - Yang, not yet two months old enjoying his first outing from home.
Yang first time in Coffee Bean

Salmon was not that fresh that expected. First try and I may not order this. If the salmon is fresh enough, the taste should be good!

My favourite breakfast - Brek-O-Day. Chicken sausage tastes really good! Omelet is tempting to make you loose your slimming plan :-)

Ying enjoying her favourite banana muffin
Ying enjoying banana muffin

Not forgetting the banana muffin portrait. Taste good for breakfast or tea time :-)
Banana Muffin

Here comes the coffee, wake-up call baby! Refill is free for breakfast set - but I only able to take two mugs, not cup ok. Check out the size please!
Wake-up Coffee, anyone?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Dylan & Joanne Wedding Reception & Tea Ceremony

My great appreciation for both Dylan & Joanne who put their full trust on me to cover their great moment in Penang Park Royal Hotel. Not to forget Joni who introduced me to take up this great assignment. In despite of exhausting, the whole capturing moment was energized by the attendants and the most importantly - the happiness that radiating!

Tea Ceremony
Tea Ceremony

Chinese Tradition
Chinese Tradition

Tea Ceremony

Touching Moment

Congratulation Dylan & Joanne!

Family Group photo session - Calling for group photo session is challenging if you don't know what to instruct and arrange during that moment.

Love the get-ready capture
Getting Ready

Group photo
Heng Family Photo

Here we come
Here We Come

Cake Cutting session
Cake Cutting

Chinese believes - once open the champagne, good fortune will come naturally
Champagne Time

Long Lasting Love - 长长久久
Long Lasting Love 长长久久

Yum Seng!
Yum Seng!

Yum Seng!

My most favourite candid captured
My Most Favourite Candid

Preferably capture candidly. Attendants will show the real facial expression and radiate the happiness around.

Radiating Happiness

Happy Moment

Big Kiss

Beautiful ladies
Beautiful ladies

Handsome guys
Handsome Guys

Unforgettable goodbye kiss from this kid in despite of my busy capturing moment. Thanks to his special reward. I feel warm :-)
He gave me goodbye kiss after function