Friday, October 16, 2009

Weekened Coffee Bean Breakfast

Was truly excited to bring two little monsters - Ying & Yang for the first time to Coffee Bean Breakfast. My son slept through the whole session, luckily he didn't make noise. Ying was enjoying walking around and having her favourite banana muffin.

Happy kids for first time visit Coffee Bean

My son - Yang, not yet two months old enjoying his first outing from home.
Yang first time in Coffee Bean

Salmon was not that fresh that expected. First try and I may not order this. If the salmon is fresh enough, the taste should be good!

My favourite breakfast - Brek-O-Day. Chicken sausage tastes really good! Omelet is tempting to make you loose your slimming plan :-)

Ying enjoying her favourite banana muffin
Ying enjoying banana muffin

Not forgetting the banana muffin portrait. Taste good for breakfast or tea time :-)
Banana Muffin

Here comes the coffee, wake-up call baby! Refill is free for breakfast set - but I only able to take two mugs, not cup ok. Check out the size please!
Wake-up Coffee, anyone?


KM's Corner 刻骨铭心 said...

Happy family! Your son looks so cute. Which coffee bean branch, QB? Yummy, i feel hungry now! Tomorrow will back to my wife's hometown and perhaps will go for Dim Sum in Prai.. hehe! Are you working on next Monday?

Hong CN said...

Thanks KM. It's from QBM branch, my favourite location :-)

Yup, working on PH. Let's arrange some other times :-)

Lee Cheng Hoe said...

Yummy! I can see from the pictures that you all enjoyed the meal very much.

Elaine Peng said...

Seemed ur two litter monsters very cooperating.