Saturday, May 31, 2008

Subaru Legend

Subaru Legend, originally uploaded by Hong CN.

Heard Subaru brand before. My mind only relates this car with All-Wheel-Drive in WRC. Deep impression even amplified by watching the Japan's Initial D. The only colour I can have in mind is dark blue colour with gold wheel rims :-)

Now I saw another Subaru in dark green, can't resist myself to capture its sexy moment and beautify it via my preferred angle :-)

It's time to start my move to photography and editing journey...

Subaru Impreza (HDR)

First time exploration - Using Capture NX to enhance the effect. HDR editing using Photomatix.

My imagination - After winning the race, this beautiful Suby "rest" at car park with his golden moment of tranquility :-)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Old Phone in Matrix

Old Phone in Matrix, originally uploaded by Hong CN.

I miss this type of old phone. I remembered my grandma's house did have one. It was back to beginning 1980s. Whenever I look at this phone, I feel like somebody is turning back the clock...

Friday, May 16, 2008

F**k H**C Bank!

I have highlighted this to the bank for two consecutive years. They just said there is system limitation to waive which I entitled for 3 years. I even challenge them last year, don't let me escalate again. And know what? They CHARGE!!!

I think their customer services are just sucked!

I will clear the remaining amount except this stupid annual fee, then cancel this bank's both credit card!

F**k Them!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

姓周橋 Chew Jetty (HDR)

姓周橋 Chew Jetty (HDR), originally uploaded by Hong CN.

姓周橋 Chew Jetty (HDR), originally uploaded by Hong CN.

It was my first attempt to test out HDR shooting after getting poisoned by Jack, my mentor :-) The result is unexpected beautifully in my eyes. Used Photomatix and did little bit of adjustment in tone mapping.

Definitely will go back there to re-shoot the stuff. I find it very interesting to just walk around there. Oh, it is a travel visiting destination. Don't forget to visit there, especially Chinese New Year, the 9th day event. :-)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

First Attempt on HDR shooting

Custom Office (HDR), originally uploaded by Hong CN.

0650 in Saturday morning, tested out my first HDR shooting attempt. Our original intention was sunrise shooting. Unfortunately, it was really cloudy morning even though heavy rain last night.