Monday, April 18, 2011

Meets US Colleagues

Especially thanks to Bhawani for great half day trip plan with our US colleagues!

Our first destination - Jerejak island which is located within our view sight along our driving route to office. It was indeed hot sunny day like oven (arhhh... I didn't push the blame, mind your logical thinking please!). Well, the photos captured without any CPL filter. (CPL - circular polarizer. No idea? I'm busy, explain to you later)

Initially, Lay Hong and Bhawani blamed me for not giving them 1-2-3 to signal for smiling. Mitch became the one who was not ready. Haha!

Mitch not yet ready

Before departure, of course a group photo must be taken.

Team Photo

Penang Jerejak Island! The plane... the plane... the plane... (Do you remember what movie is that? :-P)

Penang Jerejak Island

My first spyshot above shoulder without looking at viewfinder - new way of shooting silently. Handsome and natural, right? Look at the facial expression - unexpected hiking. I was attacked by mosquito.

Unexpected hiking

Phobia? Excited? Or Happy?

Phobia? Excited? Or Happy?

Mitch's eyes are very sharp. I didn't even see the snake.

hey don't bite me

Spicy prawns with special brewed beer. Not me. I took Mango lassi - I swear I tell you the truth.

Spicy prawns with special brew beer

Too hungry, I whacked a full bowl of Briyani rice. Indeed delicious!

Nasi Briyani

After very hot sunny day, the best to have is to go to Penang hill to enjoy cooler environment and have a chilling beer!

Carlsberg at Penang hill, 

Not dawn, it's evening time.

Not dawn, it's evening time :-)

Great team work!~ Psss... they didn't hike but using 4WD to reach the top :-P Sorry Eric, this was the best extreme low light shot I got. Please blame Chang Lee's fingers :-)

Where is Mitch? Oh... mama Bhawani went away to get Big Kid.

Happy team photo

Thursday, April 7, 2011

心态 (2)


最近喜欢听老歌和怀旧,我怀疑心态开始变老. 这是否是一种过程还是自己有问题.

很多时候,与人有冲突时,开始放手. 不是认输,而是嬴了也是输了, 是输了友情.  值得吗?

 有时侯糊涂一些与乌龙一点, 是难得的. 机关算尽, 只谋取到短暂的高兴, 接下来失去的只有更多.