Sunday, May 31, 2009

Home Cooking - Curry Chicken

Recap few weeks ago on this curry chicken cooking. The cooking process took only about 30 minutes to complete. Of course the preparation may take longer. You can choose to prepare all the ingredients yourself or you choose to buy from wet market.

You can buy this raw material from wet market or you prepare it using blender :-)
Raw Material

You must let the water dry first before putting oil to stir-fry it. Adding the oil will make you suffer from the too-fast-evaporated-water in oil to "splash" on everywhere in the kitchen :-)
The Art

I love the curry fragrance that able to make your nose feel terribly itchy. Please don't "ha-chio" in your cooking, hygiene first please.
Curry Fragant

Chicken dance in curry.
The Process

Different people will have different way to put this coconut milk timing. I only put it when the curry chicken almost done in cooking.
Coconut Milk

Finally, this is the curry chicken ready to eat. Happy to know your saliva is leaking from your mouth :-P
Final Product

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Let go


Ying is very sticky to me physically. My pregnant wife unable to carry her, Ying turns her focus on me whenever I'm at home or any sight she can see me. I particularly enjoy to carry this "koala bear" around. She is sweet and adorable. The moment she hugs me, I feel contented and committed.

When I brought her to nursery school, her eyes tell me deeply, she unable to let go me to school. Once in a while, she hugged me hard and refused to let go while I was late to office. Mostly me and wife promised to play with her after school or going for shopping, then she is ok to let go. Crying loud is unavoidable, expected. Recently, she is improving. She can accept to let go but her tears uncontrollably drop. My heart still feeling stabbed whenever see her cry or drop tears like this.

I told my wife - this little girl unable to let us go then I grinned. I can't imagine probably after 20 years, maybe the situation change oppositely. Probably it is ME to drop tear and refuse to let her go. I keep on laughing to myself, mostly the day will come :-) My wife teased me since then.

I started to admit - I'm just an ordinary dad and not smart totally.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Home Cooking - Garlic Rice

Pretty easy to prepare this Garlic Rice. Chopped garlic (normally I will put lots of garlic), olive oil, eggs and a bowl of rice. Talking about rice, it's recommended to have it overnight and put into refrigerator. The rice will appear a bit dry. Whole cooking process took about 15-20 minutes to complete.

How many can you take? I can take them ALL
Can you take all these? I CAN!~

Overnight rice taken from refrigerator
Overnight Rice from Refrig (recommended)

Can't beat the garlic dancing smell... Just LOVE it!~
Garlic Dance

Almost done before bath with eggs :-)
Almost done before bath with eggs

TA~DA~ Garlic rice with added mixed herbs :-) My simple lunch!
Garlic Rice with little added mixed herbs

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Home Cooking - Black Pepper Chicken with sour sauce & Mushroom Soup

My wife collected online recipe and selected the raw material. I done the cooking process. It was a pleasure cooking session at home especially for parents. Last weekend, this was organized to celebrate Mama's day. Parents were happy to become guinea pig for my first try. Nevertheless, the outcome still able to pass the minimum requirement. There is plenty of room to improve, anyway.


Chicken Dance
Encountered feedback on washing the pan. This is pretty "kacang-putih" (very easy, no challenge). For me, what is really challenging - oil sucking hood. That one definitely made cry. I did experience to disassemble, wash and reassemble for solid 4 hours straight!~

Chicken Dance

Mushroom Pool
Wanna have a swim in this pool? :-)
Mushroom Pool

Cute tomatoes
Not so sour, sweet enough tomato increase your appetite.
Cute Tomatoes

Vege Varities
Vege Variety

Ta-da~ mushroom soup is ready to go for.
Mushroom Soup

Proudly presents ~~ The Black Pepper Chicken with sour sauce...
Black Pepper Chicken with Sour Sauce

Penang Heritage Wedding Photography

Enrolled last month April 11 for Penang Heritage Wedding Photography. It was a great experience to capture pro models. Great learning experience. The models were superb to cooperate in despite of crowded "paparazzi" (large group of photographers) and I personally salute their professional attitudes in regardless of heavy gown clothes and extreme hot weather :-)

Here are some captures: -

Penang Heritage Wedding Photography 1

This is one of my most favourite Roxanne's capture to see the architectural design pattern of lines and pillars. Another question - what do you think my odd angle of frame within frame? I think I had broken some rules :-)
Penang Heritage Wedding Photography 2

Danielle gave an excellent pose! Beautiful!
Penang Heritage Wedding Photography 3

Small Mosque to rush-capture
It was very difficult and dangerous to capture this - gang of photographers were standing beside the drain. Behind us is roadside - the traffic was busy.
Penang Heritage Wedding Photography 4

I love the texture of wall. The framed hard shadow and night safe gave me an old feeling
Penang Heritage Wedding Photography 6

This captured Roxanne naturally - she made little adjustment slowly while I pressed shutter quickly.
Penang Heritage Wedding Photography 5

Friday, May 8, 2009

Sunset Industry - Soya Sauce Factory in Penang

Old Brand
Old Brand

It was the sudden decision to write out and make photo-shooting on this sunset industry - soya sauce factory. It is very difficult to see this in Penang island anymore. All the huge special containers that make soya sauce are very traditional way. No machine, only manual. The factory has 70 years history. All the huge special containers were from China. Soya sauce making process rely on weather condition as well. If sunny day - the soya bean will have "sun-bath", otherwise the workers will cover the soya to avoid raining.


Larger space consumption is needed for this industry. One limitation - land purchase in Penang Island is sky-rocketing now though the market is not doing good. Comparing with mainland, the price has quite big differences.

I'm quite down to see the urbanization conflict.
Conflicts in Urbanization

Thanks to the aunty that allowed me and my friend to take some shots.

Filtering System

Filtering System

Dedicated Passion

Attitude - Never Give Up - I salute those to fight to stay on this sunset industry and retain the tradition. Machine may replace effectiveness but it may move away the possible traditional taste. Do you agree?

The Art of Making
The Art of Making

Sticky Brand to glue - I kept on figuring out what the heck all these from distant. Until I only figure out it is the sticky brand and information to glue on bottle! LOL!~
Sticky Brand Name

Will this remind your old memory?

What I can do is to capture the moment and buy a bottle of top range soya sauce made from here. NO artificial flavour and chemical to make it "tahan" longer. I did little support from my heart. Thanks DC for inspiration on this photography decision. :-)