Sunday, May 31, 2009

Home Cooking - Curry Chicken

Recap few weeks ago on this curry chicken cooking. The cooking process took only about 30 minutes to complete. Of course the preparation may take longer. You can choose to prepare all the ingredients yourself or you choose to buy from wet market.

You can buy this raw material from wet market or you prepare it using blender :-)
Raw Material

You must let the water dry first before putting oil to stir-fry it. Adding the oil will make you suffer from the too-fast-evaporated-water in oil to "splash" on everywhere in the kitchen :-)
The Art

I love the curry fragrance that able to make your nose feel terribly itchy. Please don't "ha-chio" in your cooking, hygiene first please.
Curry Fragant

Chicken dance in curry.
The Process

Different people will have different way to put this coconut milk timing. I only put it when the curry chicken almost done in cooking.
Coconut Milk

Finally, this is the curry chicken ready to eat. Happy to know your saliva is leaking from your mouth :-P
Final Product


KM's Corner 刻骨铭心 said...

Looks delicious. Where did you bought the curry ingredient? I normally bought from Sunshine wet market, taste not bad but if there is a better one, I wish to try others.

Hong CN said...

KM, should be from Lip Sin wet market. I will try out the Sunshine one.