Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Home Cooking - Black Pepper Chicken with sour sauce & Mushroom Soup

My wife collected online recipe and selected the raw material. I done the cooking process. It was a pleasure cooking session at home especially for parents. Last weekend, this was organized to celebrate Mama's day. Parents were happy to become guinea pig for my first try. Nevertheless, the outcome still able to pass the minimum requirement. There is plenty of room to improve, anyway.


Chicken Dance
Encountered feedback on washing the pan. This is pretty "kacang-putih" (very easy, no challenge). For me, what is really challenging - oil sucking hood. That one definitely made cry. I did experience to disassemble, wash and reassemble for solid 4 hours straight!~

Chicken Dance

Mushroom Pool
Wanna have a swim in this pool? :-)
Mushroom Pool

Cute tomatoes
Not so sour, sweet enough tomato increase your appetite.
Cute Tomatoes

Vege Varities
Vege Variety

Ta-da~ mushroom soup is ready to go for.
Mushroom Soup

Proudly presents ~~ The Black Pepper Chicken with sour sauce...
Black Pepper Chicken with Sour Sauce

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