Friday, May 8, 2009

Sunset Industry - Soya Sauce Factory in Penang

Old Brand
Old Brand

It was the sudden decision to write out and make photo-shooting on this sunset industry - soya sauce factory. It is very difficult to see this in Penang island anymore. All the huge special containers that make soya sauce are very traditional way. No machine, only manual. The factory has 70 years history. All the huge special containers were from China. Soya sauce making process rely on weather condition as well. If sunny day - the soya bean will have "sun-bath", otherwise the workers will cover the soya to avoid raining.


Larger space consumption is needed for this industry. One limitation - land purchase in Penang Island is sky-rocketing now though the market is not doing good. Comparing with mainland, the price has quite big differences.

I'm quite down to see the urbanization conflict.
Conflicts in Urbanization

Thanks to the aunty that allowed me and my friend to take some shots.

Filtering System

Filtering System

Dedicated Passion

Attitude - Never Give Up - I salute those to fight to stay on this sunset industry and retain the tradition. Machine may replace effectiveness but it may move away the possible traditional taste. Do you agree?

The Art of Making
The Art of Making

Sticky Brand to glue - I kept on figuring out what the heck all these from distant. Until I only figure out it is the sticky brand and information to glue on bottle! LOL!~
Sticky Brand Name

Will this remind your old memory?

What I can do is to capture the moment and buy a bottle of top range soya sauce made from here. NO artificial flavour and chemical to make it "tahan" longer. I did little support from my heart. Thanks DC for inspiration on this photography decision. :-)


DC Lim said...

No need to say thanks, it was kind of a fruitful day for both of us. You inspired me to shoot abstracts in return. :)

Hong CN said...

Thanks DC - will explore more with you on your view in Abstract soon :-)