Thursday, May 27, 2010

开怀篇 (3) - 放屁 (Fart)





您都沒感覺 就是因為人家的屁都不會臭,也不會響"




"醫生 你到底給我什麼?! 我的屁還是靜靜的放個不停,




A lady visits doctor and mumbles
"Doc, I have been farting nonstop, but still ok, I don't feel any problem at all
because my "gas" won't be smelly and loud in releasing."

"Actually, after I come in to your clinic, I fart at least 20 times,
I dont' see you feel anything, thus I assume no smell and not making loud sound.

"Alright, I see. Take this medicine and see you next week."

Another week, the lady come back to complain.
"Doc! What did you give me last week?
My fart release silently non-stop... the problem - it is damn SMELLY!!!"

Doc explained seriously: "Terrific good! Your nose block already cured. Now I'm going to cure your

Friday, May 14, 2010

Interesting offsite training

Probably this is the first time I posted about offsite training in here. My intention to retain the interesting moment to meet up great team and the feeling is totally matching the training title - Teaming & Collaboration.

Especially thanks to Fern to induce the spark and not forgetting those members who attended to live up the whole spirit of involvement. Also thanks a lot to Bernard who remembered to bring camera to freeze this special moment of fun and learning. Thank you Bernard for allowing me to post the photos.

Group Photo before Mark left earlier. Mark, you missed out the fun :-P
Group photo

Doing evaluation while taking group photo - multi-task show off!
Winning team

Stunt or stunned? :-P

Never give up try. Salute them!
Almost done!~

Had fun with you guys!~

Monday, May 10, 2010

开怀篇 (2) - 永遠無法解釋 (Unexplainable)







One fine beautiful morning day, a farmer gets very drunk and sits at home entrance.
A passer-by-fellow ask curiously - "Today is a beautiful day, why drink alone instead of enjoying your day?"

"There's something, you never ever able to explain clearly," said farmer.
"What happened?"

"This early morning, I milked from cow, when the time I milked a full pail, that cow use left leg to kick
the pail upside down," farmer sadly explained.
"That was unfortunate but this, I think, not worth for you to feel sad like this," passer-by said with sympathy

"There's something, you never ever able to explain clearly," said farmer with sigh.
"Then what happened next"
"I use rope to tight up its left leg and continue to milk, coincidentally, another pail started to full,
it used right leg to kick the full pail of milk upside down," Farmer explained.

Passer-by laughed and asked, "Then?"
"sigh... There's something, you never ever able to explain clearly," the farmer tighten up its right leg,
another good timing, the pail started to have full of milk, the cow used its tail to slap the pail upside down again.

"Damn unfortunate! There's all, don't feel too sad," passer-by suggested.
Farmer sigh again, "There's something, you never... ever... explain clearly."

"What's happened again?" Passer-by raised voice with surprise.
Farmer explained slowly - "This time, I don't have any rope, thus plan to use my belt to tight up the cow's tail.
When I took out the belt, at this very moment, trouser dropped and my wife just came in!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

KS & Chia

Due to tight schedule after switch role, the blog update become inactive within these two months long.

Finally I manage to steal time to capture my sis and bro-in-law portrait in hot daylight. Had fun and wonderful capturing moment while sweat like mad.

Thanks to both of their precious time :-)

I like this particularly
KS & Chia

KS & Chia

KS & Chia

I read differently!
KS & Chia

What's she reading now?
KS & Chia