Friday, May 14, 2010

Interesting offsite training

Probably this is the first time I posted about offsite training in here. My intention to retain the interesting moment to meet up great team and the feeling is totally matching the training title - Teaming & Collaboration.

Especially thanks to Fern to induce the spark and not forgetting those members who attended to live up the whole spirit of involvement. Also thanks a lot to Bernard who remembered to bring camera to freeze this special moment of fun and learning. Thank you Bernard for allowing me to post the photos.

Group Photo before Mark left earlier. Mark, you missed out the fun :-P
Group photo

Doing evaluation while taking group photo - multi-task show off!
Winning team

Stunt or stunned? :-P

Never give up try. Salute them!
Almost done!~

Had fun with you guys!~

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