Friday, May 16, 2008

F**k H**C Bank!

I have highlighted this to the bank for two consecutive years. They just said there is system limitation to waive which I entitled for 3 years. I even challenge them last year, don't let me escalate again. And know what? They CHARGE!!!

I think their customer services are just sucked!

I will clear the remaining amount except this stupid annual fee, then cancel this bank's both credit card!

F**k Them!!!


KM's Corner 铭言铭语 said...

Same experience! When I called them to have a card replacement (card broken), and they told me that will incur a charge of RM20 per card..! Imagine, I was holding their card since year 2000.. 8 years! This is so called customer service. EVERYTHING is $$$... no $$$ no talk! So what! I stop using the card la..! And now they move their BB branch to QB mall, really inconvenience..!

Hong CN said...

Same here, was started using their credit cards since year 2000. Customer service fcuking sucked! To me, wherever the location placed is not my main concern. Their attitude towards customer and insensitive on our constructive suggestion on charging are unacceptable at all. I thought I had given them two consecutive years of opportunity to correct. I'm sure I have these enough.

Rhoda said...

i dont get it. they not suppose to charge u is tat it?

Hong CN said...

yes, they promised to waive but still charge. This is telling me to escalate each year in order to waive. I don't intend to get myself become sarcastic on just escalating ppl in this way. After all, they really challenge my patient, unfortunately.