Monday, May 12, 2008

姓周橋 Chew Jetty (HDR)

姓周橋 Chew Jetty (HDR), originally uploaded by Hong CN.

姓周橋 Chew Jetty (HDR), originally uploaded by Hong CN.

It was my first attempt to test out HDR shooting after getting poisoned by Jack, my mentor :-) The result is unexpected beautifully in my eyes. Used Photomatix and did little bit of adjustment in tone mapping.

Definitely will go back there to re-shoot the stuff. I find it very interesting to just walk around there. Oh, it is a travel visiting destination. Don't forget to visit there, especially Chinese New Year, the 9th day event. :-)


KM's Corner 铭言铭语 said...

Nice pictures.. I like the photi very much.. keep it up and it really looks you are almost there -professional photographer! Honestly, I never been to Chew Jetty (although I've stayed in PG for more than 10 years.. shame!).. Probably I will visit the place soon.. nice scenary.I hope I am not being lie from your nice pictures :) Haha!

Hong CN said...

Thanks KM :-) I take this as compliment to explore more. Just kickstarted on photo editing. Done via software, thus this final output :-)

I will shoot more at town area during morning time, it was nice to walk around there

deepak said...

that picture was too good for a first shot

Rhoda said...

wow beautiful picture u have there.. i would tag my picture if i were u. Kenny sia's picture copied from a reader and she entered photo contest n won...

Hong CN said...

Thanks deepak and rhoda for your comments. I will tag my photo on this :-)


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