Saturday, June 26, 2010

Film desire

Close Up (Nikon D40 front)

I'm sick. The title indicates the topic of photography - of course, not technical. I say myself sick, does not mean I'm technical freak. No F-stop nor how much EV setting raised in this post. Enough. Let me release little desire of writing addict.

Always have the need to get a real manual film camera to re-touch my excitement on composing image and those waiting moments. Of course I'm not saying that to switch back since I went digital. Rationally, this is quite costly to play with film to go for each and every shutter click you press. Film feeling consists of your real careful calculation and angle to plan creatively. There is no delete button like digital single len reflex (DSLR). You no longer shoot like machine gun to test out. Experiment no longer able to fully extend in film unless you are rich enough to spend readily.

In fact, I did own a Minolta Dynax 505i AF film SLR. What I intend to experience is to have total control on setting the exposure and everything. In older days, photographer used reaction to set the exposure based on instinct (you can call this as experience).

Film feeling provides entire different experience on viewing the end result. This is not something like you able to achieve in photoshop (PS) editing. I love particularly in positive slide capturing and processing it crossly. The colour output will give me the mood! Ummppphhhh - I called.

I'm exciting to await the slide film roll in my FE. Of course, will share out when the film gets processed. Stay tuned! :-)


Kong said...

Get this, bro.

Hong CN said...

wah ai meh... Mamiya pulak... poison indeed lor! :-P

Lee Cheng Hoe said...

Take good care of yourself, brother.

Hong CN said...

Thanks Master Lee :-)