Friday, June 4, 2010

Gathering with gangs

Friendship is something very unique. The connection within and the cohesiveness that is unexplainable in words. Let the time tells... it's always good to have gang to gather around, be it an hour or just a simple meal to chit chat around. Especially those already married with small kids or babies, you find yourself is having lots of limitation and consideration to pop out to meet up. Fully understand. Anyway, I personally wish to have this gathering monthly to sustain the connection with you all. Whether or not, we have a long chat or just a few minutes chat... I fully enjoy the environment. Yup - I know I'm a bit uncle-type that keeps on mumbo-jumbo. Take good care and see you around in next meet up :-)

The Gang
The Gang

We really had a good time and good meals!

Spaghetti - forgot the exact name

Fish fingers & chips
Fish Fingers & Chips

Totally forgot what meal is that... fried tofu? :-P
Fried Tofu? :-P

The Killing - Clam Chowder soup - my favourite :-)
Clam Chowder Soup


KM's Corner 刻骨铭心 said...

Good to see everyone from here (pics).. too bad I was not there. Hope I will join you guys next round..:)

Hong CN said...

bro - lai... next round try best to arrange the availability if possible. :-)

Yi Pian Yun said...

Hong CN,
Thanks 4 leaving comment in my blog. wa, the food looks so delicious, 流口水了咯,不好意思!哈。

Hong CN said...

Thanks YPY :-) The foods are not only looking good, it's delicious indeed