Friday, June 12, 2009

爸爸,我大大的时候... (Papa, when I grow up...)

Ying - Potential Photographer



Recently, daughter always have the same statement from her mouth:
"Papa, when I grow up, I can drive car."
"Papa, when I grow up, I can eat ice cream."
"Papa, when I grow up, I can go shopping myself."

While admitted this, undeniably I'm struggling from my deepest heart expectation on her statement: "Papa, when I grow up, I can take care of you."


KM's Corner 刻骨铭心 said...

You will feel so sweet... when she told you that :)

Hong CN said...

KM - she is sweet enough even she does not tell. Just naughty sometimes makes me real headache.

Yi Pian Yun said...

Hi,Hong CN
你和KMcorner都爱吃,几时要来city-A-one 找美食?这里的福州菜,镔城是吃不到的。

Hong CN said...

谢谢一片云 :-) 我和KM都是贪吃鬼, 尽量安排时间 City-A-One. :-)