Saturday, February 2, 2008

Tree of Ta Prohm (Angkor, Cambodia)

Photo taken on 11 Nov 2007.

Amazing historical place to visit. A must-visit-itenary place if you visit Angkor area. I couldn't stop amazing by looking at this huge tree with this angle of view. Those solid roots already surrounded the historical building for probably more than 1000 years (I assume). Took this picture when most of the crowd focus on another location - Tomb Raider movie shooting corner. In the end, I didn't enter there as too many tourists jammed in the small space.

Wanna know how huge is this tree? Check out the following photo :-P


KM's Corner 铭言铭语 said...

When did you visit Angkor, Cambodia? Never heard about that. Nice place and if you have more pictures, please share with me personally :)

Hong CN said...

Thanks KM for interest.
It was Nov 2007. Not enough time to explore Angkor area. Definitely will share more for sure.