Monday, June 9, 2008

Group Photo of Penang in 24 Hours

Finally all the insane "kaki" made it - 24 hours shooting.
I personally like our group photos very much. It was really fun to see both serious position (like man-hunt profile :-P) and "kawa-ii" stance.


Both pictures taken from Nikon D300 with two remote flash guns placed left and right. This indeed open my eyes and curiousity on studio shooting (definitely will explore this branch of learning).

Still finding opportunity to squeeze time to write down the moment we drove and shot photos… lots of funny stuffs we laughed out loud in the car and during meals time.
Stay tune…


KM's Corner 铭言铭语 said...

Finally you've posted your pictures to your blog... :)

Hong CN said...

It was a great event to join, I'm going to write more on this event - 24 hours shooting nonstop :-P