Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Capture Faces (2)

It was intentional to check out a backdrop stand from my uncle's shop whether available or not. Having DC to accompany, we entered the Rifle Range Flats food court to have morning breakfast. I'm very lucky to hunt down my desired food - Curry Chee Cheong Fun after previous 3 failing attempts. Probably this is called luck.

Along the way to walk - we decided to capture faces again. I love to challenge myself using manual len to capture fast on people life. Doesn't matter whether the person is beautiful or not in physical appearance, the most important thing - I able to capture natural beauty on what people is doing.

Surprisingly 90% of portraits I captured with permission, mostly they allow me to capture. I don't blame why they may raise concern - what is the purpose of shooting their photos. I myself may have the same reaction if I were them. One common reaction from people when I take up my camera - are you a reporter? I have clarified many times on the way I captured. It's kinda fun to communicate and release their defensive stance to face my camera.

Wonderful guy believes to have wonderful days to go on. Optimistic!
Old guy to believe a wonderful day to go on

Busy tractor driver still respond to my camera when I called him - Boss, look here! :-)
Tractor Driver is busy

I stood at shaded area just to wait for this guy to enter my frame. Worth to wait for 5 minutes.

First person to check whether I able to snapshot his portrait. Then the capture just go on uncontrollably from my end.
Enjoy leisure time

Newspaper guy had cigrattee leisurely and put down his cigrattee to face my camera.
Newspaper Stall Owner

While waiting to across the traffic light - fast capture on this egg delivery guy.

I did have a flash of thought - do I look alien? :-) Kidding.

79-year-old guy. His wife told me - his 79th birthday just passed, he was born on the 1st of January month. Wow!
79-year-old man

Proud stall owner who enjoy in front of camera. The rest of his friends all ran away :-P
Proud Owner

Once I clarify I'm not a reporter, just a passionate photographer who enjoy capture portraits, then they will act naturally to let me capture. Thanks for all their trusts and connections!

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