Wednesday, November 23, 2011

3Q MRC Annual Concert 2011

Time flies, another year to see those same toddlers grow fast and graduate. A very tight and good timing schedule to go on smoothly during the session. Capturing kids always fun and interesting. Laugh is impossible to get rid of. Some are cooperative and some will show you sour face.

I particularly love to capture their faces, especially the lively moment. The arrangement, queue-up session and their sometimes-mess-up dancing session produce a lot of laughs, not only for their caring parents but as photographer, I can't resist to laugh out loud during capturing. The joy is radiating in all angles.

Some of my favourite capture of their lively moment.

Posing Model
Posing model


Shake your body!
Shake Your Body

Future Professional Dancers
Future Professional Dancers

Welcome to Haiwaii
Welcome to Haiwaii!~


KM's Corner 刻骨铭心 said...

Nice pics.. I really like the way you captured and the effect,damn prof! This year will be the final year for my son and next year my gal will join another kiddy.. times really flies..

Hong CN said...

Thanks KM. It was fun moment to capture :-) My youngest son will start his journey to school next year :-)