Sunday, October 19, 2008

Macau & Hong Kong Trip (9 - 12 Oct 2008) - Day 1

Overnight at KL LCCT on 8 Oct 2008 after last flight from Penang at 2230.

Woke up 4 something in the morning, saw this guy like expressing himself to Uncle McDonald - I'm LOVIN' IT!

I'm Lovin' IT

Reached Leal Sonado - crowded place with not-so-good-weather. The sunlight was harsh and I couldn't find any visible cloud with blue sky

Macau - Leal Sonado

After checked in hotel, we went nearby to have our first lunch at Macau.

My first lunch in Macau

We are heading to Ruins of the Church of St. Paul
Macau - Directions

Local hawker. Look at the imaginative spinning "cannon" with fire under it. I imagine the small cannon ball will spit out at anytime :-P Oh another imagination - buffalo mixer, remember? it looks exactly like it. Oh my god :-)
Macau - Local Hawker

You will never find this in Malaysia for unique road sign :-)
Macau - Road Sign

The directions sign is helpful - with walking distance you can reach the destination. The planned walking tour is about 4km, so it took about 1-2 hours to finish :-)
Macau - Directions

One of the door of St. Dominic Church

Inside St. Dominic Church
Church of St. Dominic

Church of St. Dominic

Church of St. Dominic

Take a moment to rest - I was still shooting around :-)
Church of St. Dominic

Me & my wife portrait
Church of St. Dominic

Bought a cup of milk tea to sooth the thirst
Macau - Shop

Saw this kung fu stance photographer have low horse stance to shoot photo initially, informed my wife to capture this :-P
Kung Fu stance photographer

Ruins of the Church of St. Paul - stunning building structure indeed!
Ruins of the Church of St. Paul

Pillars stand still

Beside the Church of St. Paul - locates the 100+ years Chinese small temple - Ne Za Temple (大三巴哪吒廟)
Macau - Ne Za Temple

Macau - Ne Za Temple

澳门大炮台 (Fortaleza do Monte) - 中國現存最古老的西式炮台建築群之一部分

经历了300年的沧桑历史,终于在1966年解禁,成为向公众开放的旅游景区。大炮台后来改建为澳门气象局,于1996年澳门气象局迁至氹仔。1998年,大炮台的中央建成澳门博物馆。~ from Internet

Fortaleza do Monte

Fortaleza do Monte

Bell that rang before...
Bell that rang before

Macau Museum
Macau Museum

Garden beside Macau Museum

Me & My love one

Cannon mark


Candle lights in St. Augustine Church
Candle Lights in St. Augustine Church

Outside St. Augustine Church
Rest - St. Augustine Church

Beside St. Augustine Church - there's Bishop's House
Bishop's House

We took bus again to head to Venetian Casino. Venetian Casino is the biggest casino in the world - 3 times larger than Las Vegas Casino - oh my god! Inside casino, photography is strictly prohibited - we only able to shoot the Venetian "City" :-)
Inside Venetian Casino

Venetian Bridge?

Street Performer attracted my attention to go for photo shooting - too bad - most of the pictures were quite blurred - I didn't intend to use flash - only push up higher ISO.
Street Performer - Why you so like that? :-P

I had pork burger as dinner while my wife had Portugese Curry Chicken - no spicy at all.
Pork Burger

Portugese Curry Chicken

The steam milk was the best in terms of aroma and taste :-) Love it indeed!
Steam Milk

According to local Macau people - the Casino business is too competitive until they have their own shuttle buses to fetch you there and back in fixed route. After Venetian Casino, we took the free of charge bus back to Barrier Gate.

Based on historical information - This Macau Gate build of granite stones traditionally marked the border between this former colonial possession of Portugal and China. Erected in 1870 to thwart the impeding Chinese nationalistic upsurge from inflowing to Macau.

Barrier Gate


KM's Corner 铭言铭语 said...

Looks like it was a nice trip and you and SP had enjoyed a lot! Nice pictures. nice scenery. How much you’ve spent for this Free and Easy trip? We are planning to visit HK+Macau too, but I don’t think we could go for holiday this year.. busy with the business startup and no profit.. budget is quite tide and will only able plan for holiday by end of next year.

Hong CN said...

Thanks. We were budget-aware type tourists thus we only stayed at low budget accommodation - including low cost air-fare, everything exclude the purchased stuffs - only less than RM1500 :-P Looks like I may become a trip planner to earn part timely :-) haha!

KM's Corner 铭言铭语 said...

Less than RM1500? Per person or for both of you? It is really cheap man..! I may want to ask you be my travel advisor when I plan to visit HK next time :)

Hong CN said...

Of course per person. If you can book cheaper air-fare + low budget hostel (providing you are ok with it) then you can save a lot. Hotel accomodation in HK is darn expensive!

Azmi Rahman said...

Very nice travel photos, HCN! Love them. BTW, photo #1 is very obscene. Hahaha!

Hong CN said...

Thanks Azmi, I think the first one is interesting - Uncle MacDonald may comfort him - well~ no worry my friend, everything is under-controlled :-P I'm too imaginative!~


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