Saturday, November 22, 2008

Macau & Hong Kong Trip (9 - 12 Oct 2008) - Day 2 - Part 1

Part 1: Leaving Macau & Hong Kong Street Walking

Second day still in Macau - Having breakfast at Tai Kah Lok (大家樂) - just like fastfood chain restaurant such as McD, for instance.

Breakfast at Cafe of Coral (大家樂)

We started to walk around nearby - in fact, Macau is considerably small coverage - by walking distant, you can visit a lot of travel spot or discover something interest. Our Day 2 first stop in Macau - Macau Garden, very beautiful garden.

Macau Garden

Macau Garden

Surprisingly just beside the apartment - Unexpectedly near enough - check it out below picture...

Wall at Macau Garden

Discovered an old guy practising probably a type of Qi Gong - quickly snapshot before he discovered... hehehe...

Practice QiGung - Macau Garden

There's a beautiful curve bridge that cross over the Lotus pond - though there is no Lotus flower yet - it's all about green. The curve shape attracted my capture eventually :-)

Curve Bridge

Our familiar M sign - difference: in Chinese words :-)

Familiar M Sign

Found sexy Madza 2 and Toyota Mark X during street walking

Madza 2

Toyota Mark X

Passed by the Red Market - whole building in red colour. Inside the wet market environment - slightly different from our local Penang one - they decorated nicely.

Inside Red House Wet Market

Inside Red House Wet Market

On the way back to Victoria Hotel - one road jammed, while another direction - nothing :-)

On the way back to Victoria Hotel

Then Takes ferry to Hong Kong


Inside ferry to Hong Kong

After settling down the check in at Mong Kok, we started our travel plan - hunt around ...

Hong Kong MRT is very easy and convenient way to go to your desired location. Undeniably, it is a very crowded place.
Mong Kok MRT

In Hong Kong Island, there are many beautiful designed buildings, the unique shapes, the reflective tinted glass windows and so on attracted my attention to capture the best if possible. I guess most of the building built based on well-analysed Feng Shui information. Hong Kong is very famous with this.

When I look up...

Beautiful Concretes

Concrete Jungle

Love this sexy shape :-)

Beautiful Shape

ICBC Tower

ICBC Tower

Looks like a collection of cubes


Lovely reflective glass and the reflected building image

Glass Concrete

Diagonal Concrete

The famous blade concrete

Blade Concrete

Lippo Twins - beautiful shape and architectural design


Saw AIG building with a large LCD display to advertise

Concrete Jungle

Did find out a few abstractical images - for what I think - IMHO - I assume this depends on individual preferences - I can't switch you to abtract mode. I'm kidding, seriously. :-P

Reflection Abstract


Double Decker Tram in movement

Double Decker

Hong Kong Park is indeed huge. In May 1991, Hong Kong Government spent $398 million dollars to build this. Coverage area is 8 hectares, combining modern design facilities blending with natural landscape. The design uses thematic motive to bring out each design which able to combine together. Main attraction - the way of flowing water.

Hong Kong Park Layout Plan

Small pond in Hong Kong Park

Hong Kong Park

Steps Abstract

Hong Kong Park

After this - we head to Peak View to enjoy Hong Kong Island Night View & visit Hong Kong Madame Tussauds

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