Monday, December 1, 2008

Capers Spagetti with Pesto Sauce

Capers Spagetti with Pesto Sauce, originally uploaded by Hong CN.

I'm feeling lazy after settling household stuff. A simple meal to satisfy my hunger - Capers Spagetti with Pesto Sauce. It takes about 5 minutes to complete the preparation :-)

Introduced by my bro-in-law, getting addicted with it after tried out. My wife does not know to eat the sour Capers (looks like green pea or it is actually green pea :-P). The vinegar will make your face turn real sour but trust me - this meal is very refreshing :-)

Feeling hungry huh? Try make yourself one ~ please :-P


KM's Corner 铭言铭语 said...

CN - send me the recipe, please! Hahaha!

Hong CN said...

KM, no secret recipe here. Just to ensure the spaghetti cook in 3-5 minutes then use cold water to rinse for a while, then use hot water to rinse for it a while. Found out the spaghetti will become very delicious to eat. This applies also on noodles. Correct me if I'm wrong :-)

Of course not to forget to buy those two ingredients to put in with olive oil :-)

Joyce Herrmann said...

Hi. Enjoying viewing your photos and blog. I live in Germany and so I know what you mean by capers and the sourness. It is not green peas. It also tastes good when you make potatoes salad with dressing von lemon juice and olive oil and capers to it. You may want to try it out. Great work with your photos. How long have you been shooting such professional photos ? Best regards, Joyce Herrmann from Germany

Hong CN said...

Thanks a lot Joyce on your comment, appreciate your correction and suggestion :-)

I started my fever in photography since 2007 :-) Food photography is part of my interest to capture. If the photo able to trigger your hunger-ness, then the magic works :-P Take care and have great days :-)