Friday, March 13, 2009

Limited time - unlimited ideas to spend

Recently was busy hunting around for foods and delivered photos to my clients thus delayed on updating here. Enjoy the fulfilled moment on taking photos, enjoy listening to clients' thought and watching my daughter joining nursery school.

Posted few writings on new blog with limited personal time - normally will do this during off-shift hour. One man show always tiring and I hardly ask my friend to join due to my odd working schedule. Work 4 days, rest 4 days; work 3 days, rest 3 days. 2 weeks on rotating day and night shifts. You can imagine my body bio-clock keep on re-adjusting. The only way is to maintain my workout session to ensure my inner health.

You can check out the latest post at

Wantan Noodles (thin)

There are several thoughts in writing plan, it's just very scattering ideas. I'm trying best to solve the puzzles to put into words. Discipline is the key :-) I will be back! :-)

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