Thursday, December 23, 2010

开怀篇 (8) - 歪打正着 - Multiple shot accidentally




Senior Wang is tall guy, works as teacher. He has a bad habit. Whenever he is anxious, he speaks with stutter.

During month end, senior Wang and a few teachers are selected as invigilator. Inside the big hall, there are 10 long rows arranged. Senior Wang is responsible for several rows. When he feels sleepy and bored, he suddenly saw one of the student from back start cheating.He is furious and points his index finger to that student, speaks with stutter,

"You you you... you... you... you're... are cheating!"

Without hesitation, clear his throat, speak without stutter anymore. Index finger still points to last row of that specific student.

"Stand up! You cheating fellow!"

That last row of specific student stands up. Then the other two rows of six students also stand up straight simultaneously.

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