Friday, April 25, 2008

Good or Evil?

One of my favourite Transformer character in the movie. Definitely attracted by this Saleen S281 Mustang model :-)

The contrast in between the character (Decepticon Barricade) and its appearance (Police car) are very obvious.

How do you define good and evil? Are there any Universal indicators behind or within or consequent upon an action by which one can determine where it was a good or evil act?

The scriptures of world's religions provide variety of answers to these questions. I'm limited in terms of knowledge to list down here. Preferably to prepare a space of thought for ponder or digest the question slowly and eventually understand. It's a choice you choose to lead to define and believe.

I once read a Buddhism booklet said (partially quoted): -
In the dark, there is some light
In the black, there is some white
In the evil, there is some good (my opinion)

Thus, I choose to believe there is still some good even in evil person. What about you?

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