Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Vegetables Snack

Vegetables Snack, originally uploaded by Hong CN.

My Auntie prepared this very professionally. :-)

I love this vege snack. It used special white flour with very hot water to generate the external "skin". Once the flour becomes sticky, use bare hand to pull out and put the vege in and "close" it with fingers pinching :-)

Use a flat plate with little oil put on it, place this vege snack in order and steam it for 8 minutes.

After steaming, apply little oil to brush on top of this snack. You can eat with chilli sauce with little lemon squeezed and mixed in the sauce. It gives you sweet and sour taste.

I'm going to learn how to prepare this very soon :-)


KM's Corner 铭言铭语 said...

Yummy yummy.. I am so hungry now! Remember to treat me once you've learnt up how to prepare this delicious vege snack yeah! Looks so delicious.. :)

Hong CN said...

Will ring you. I will start sharing some foods preparation snapshot. Hopefully this movitates me to go on exploring in cooking :-)