Friday, April 25, 2008


Transformers Autobot Bumblebee, originally uploaded by Hong CN.

My wife told me that she likes Bumblebee very much in Transformers movie. He just like a hero, standing tall (though the physical appearance may look "smaller" comparing with his boss - Optimus Prime).

He is brave and ready to sacrifice. In the movie, Bumblebee sacrificed his both legs to help Ironhide to deflect Starscream's missile attack. His voice processor spoilt made him just act and not much talk. The touching end is Bumblebee requested permission to continue to stay and protect his human friend - Sam Witwicky.

Quoted from Wikipedia, his motto: "The least likely can be the most dangerous."


Rhoda said...

in fact all ur pictures are good..d lighting is

Hong CN said...

Thanks Rhoda for the compliment.