Saturday, February 21, 2009

Introduction to food blog

Planning to write a food blog regarding to traditional foods quite some while. With the bombarding various kind of restaurant franchises and fast food chain, traditional foods or snacks are facing vast impact on surviving its own stand. I have a small and personal vision - to hunt all these down to introduce, at least we alert and continuing support them.

I'm an "old-biscuit", had good memories on old foods, ranging from Chinese, Nyonya, Malay, Indian and etc.

Examples: -
- Do you know how Cantonese Wantan noodles sell in old times? The seller ride his stall using the spoon to hit the bowl to attract attention on Wantan noodles selling. You don't have to look out from house, you just listen to the "tok-tok-tok" sound.

- Do you know Indian selling those curry puffs and kuih Talam in a big round metal tray using his head to support and sell around? I miss that too.

If you happen to see or try out any traditional local food, please do not hesitate to include your name and location information. I will include your name in my writing after I personally visit there.

Here comes the new blog created -

Have great days and enjoy hunting for foods :-)

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