Tuesday, February 9, 2010

小顽皮 (1) - 喂奶风波

Chubby Fellow

正逢老婆没空,我必须撑起“重任” - 喂奶。平躺着大腿,左手撑着他的头,用右手喂奶。半途,阳开始用双手把奶瓶推进推出地玩,搞得满嘴满脸都是奶,我惟有用右手几只手指来分开他的注意力,中指控制他的左手,拇指控制他的右手。我得意地笑,终于把你给控制了。

没多久,阳不知哪学来的擒拿术,把我的中指与拇指分两个方向扒开,握奶瓶的食指,无名指与小指差一点握不稳。毕竟在力道方面,我还占优势 - 阳开始反攻。两手开始向奶嘴移下,我还以为他又要把奶瓶拔出,我稳着奶瓶不让他得逞。谁知,他的两手的拇指同时塞进嘴,变成了拇指与奶嘴同时吮吸的现象,我开始呵呵地笑。阳似乎得意地笑 (就像上图的笑容),非常地放电。我开始失控地哈哈大笑,阳也呵呵地配合笑。我越叫阳专心喝奶,他就越大声呵呵地笑,还表演单手指与奶嘴同时吮吸。


Five months plus Yang starts to act naughty and learn "chicky" way.

While my wife is busy, I take up the mission to feed him milk. Lying relax on my lap, left arm supporting his head, my right hand starts the feed. Halfway, this young fellow started to use his both hands to push in and push out the feeding bottle to play, at the end? his face and lips are full of milk. I used my fingers to distract his attention to play - thumb to control his right palm while middle finger to control his left palm. Yes, I win. Everything is under controlled.

Another while, no idea where Yang learnt up Chin-Na, he knows how to use his hand to separate my thumb and middle finger in opposite direction which cause the feeding bottle almost fall down. In terms of force, I still gain advantage. Yang started his counter-attack, both his hands moved near to his mouth, I applied little force to prevent him from taking the bottle out again. Unexpectedly, he suddenly put his both thumbs into his mouth to suck with the bottle. I started to grin with "hehe" expression, Yang also grin to me (exactly like the photo shown above), just like he gained his advantage on controlling. Then I started to laugh out loud, he immediately align with me with loud laugh. The more I ask him to focus on drinking milk, the more "chicky" way he demo to me - single thumb suck with the feeding bottle!

My tears come out uncontrollably, stomach almost cramp just because of his "chicky" way to entertain. My wife shouted from living room: "What happen to both of you? A feeder and a feeded can be so much fun in the room?"


Lee Cheng Hoe said...

gorgeous.....very cute. Look like the ha[[y father.

Hong CN said...

Thanks Master Lee :-) I miss him much :-)

Elaine Peng said...

Yang is fabulous playful,,,
May be in this coming CNY, I'll go to see Yang.

KM's Corner 刻骨铭心 said...


Hong CN said...

Thanks Elaine. Waiting for you to stay at my house. Call me or SP :-)

KM - Get yourself prepared and wait for new born baby :-) If you have time, capture more photos on new born :-) Take care man!