Tuesday, February 2, 2010

小管家 (6) - 中招


颖开始学会玩电脑游戏 - 飞机射击比赛,利用滑鼠来操控,显得得心应手。我这个老爸利用键盘来陪玩,操控显得有一点笨,上下左右, 只能四方形飞法, 满搞笑!

颖兴致大起, 用滑鼠的灵活操控,把几个power gun 给抢“吃” 掉,“吃”掉后还说风凉话,
“爸爸,那个power 为什么不吃?”
“... ... ”

我把飞机操控在她的飞机前,终于抢了power gun。
“... ... ”

“爸爸,那个power gun 来了”,我赶忙连按两个键,以为可以斜飞去抢,谁知电脑“嘟”的一声,飞机停顿了一会,颖把滑鼠一拉,又抢“吃” 掉!
“爸爸,您看您为什么这么慢!” 颖努努嘴。


Ying picked up plane shooting game. She is keen to use mouse to control smartly. I seem to look clumsy
to use keyboard to control. Up down left right, only fly in retacgular direction, looks terribly funny indeed.

When Ying is in good form to control the airplane, she won't consider her partner to increase the gun
power to share. She "grab" and says

"Papa, why you don't grab that super power gun?"
"... ..."

I adjusted the plane in front of her, yes! finally I grab the super power gun.
"Papa, you should share the benefit with me"
"... ..."

"Papa, I see the power gun," I immediately press two keys to fly diagonal direction, unfortunately
after the computer come out a beep sound, the plane temporarily stopped for 1 second. Ying adjusted her
mouse, she grabbed the power gun again!
"Papa, why you are so slow respond," She teased.

Due to distraction of the beep sound, my plane crashed because of air-grenate.
Not having time to react on this, Ying continues her tease: "Papa, you are hit again!"


Elaine Peng said...


My son is addicted in cartoon network games.
上网玩卡通游戏。Search from google, 他最会。

Hong CN said...

我尽量避免让她玩过头, 会上瘾的。

KM's Corner 刻骨铭心 said...

Your daughter so CUTE. So far I havent let my son touch my laptop yet (no desktop at home, but just a home laptop). Worried he will addict the computer games + impact his eye (you can see nowaday many kids wearing specs even they are yet to enter primary school!!!).

Lee Cheng Hoe said...

Happy New Year, my friend.

Hong CN said...

KM - lots of cute stories, I wish to jot down every moment at the best I can :-) Time flies fast, I'm absent-minded, hopefully they able to recall every moment of happiness when they able to read back the post.

Master Lee - Happy New Year :-)