Thursday, February 18, 2010

小管家 (7) - 白雪公主

Ying & Chia


事情是这样的... ...


傻闷了一分钟,我偷笑地回想:还好,颖还会分辨性别 - 我不是老巫婆!

Fairy tales always romantic in presentation, however after my daughter "modified" the version, personally I quite reluctant to let her watch...

The incident is like this...

"Papa, I wish to watch Snow White"
(I switch on the TV with boring face)

Another while, Ying danced while watched the movie, she imitated the seven dwarfs to whisper when they are marching back home. Then Ying started to modify and inform my wife:
"Ying is Snow White"

I nodded with smile, concluding she is very imaginative.
Another minutes, Ying shouted out:

"Papa is dwarf!"

Stunned for 1 minute, I grinned to myself and conclude: "At least Ying knows how to identify gender - luckily I'm not that old witch!"


the 1 & only LENG's blog said...

i can really feel the happiness of your interaction with your princess... hehehe :)

KM's Corner 刻骨铭心 said...

Good sharing.. :) She is really cute. Prepare yourself for her 牙尖嘴利 in the future.. haha!

Hong CN said...

Thanks Albert :-)

KM - I expect her to be 牙尖嘴利 soon. I'm getting prepared for this moment :-)

Lee Cheng Hoe said...

Happy family....good

Hong CN said...

Thanks Master Lee :-)