Friday, July 1, 2011

Ilford Sportsman Style 4 Vario (1962)

Beside my previous writing on TLR fun, I'm exploring another mind-blowing working unit. Why mind-blowing? It is because it's still a myth for me to figure out how to find the range!

You may assume me going insane and rich enough to play around with almost antique stuff. Honestly, kinda fun again to check if your real instinct works well. A range is a horizontal distance where a projectile launched with a velocity at the angle to the horizonal of degree (from Range definition). Well, I'm not going to drag another grandmother story about mathematical Cosine and blah blah blah.

Ilford Sportsman Style 4 Vario (1962) 
Ilford Sportsman Style 4

Check out the shutter speed! Again, you have only 4 shutter speed to choose - Bulb mode, 1/25, 1/50 and maximum 1/200.

Ilford Sportsman Style 4 Vario

The DACORA 45mm f/2.8 lens is focused by rotating the focusing ring (front-cell). A lot of guess work to do by checking out your principal subject distant range. I'm currently having big problem to play around with this. Viewfinder is only viewfinder. See the yellow-coated screen? Yes, you can view but there is nothing happen even you rotate the focusing ring. Challenging but fun, right? I like old camera because it's like 1960s automobile. You know there is a problem, find the problem and fix it, then get it on the road again.

Left - film type you load. Right - film counter. Either 36 or 24. Very useful indicator.
Ilford Sportsman Style 4 Vario

Ilford Sportsman Style 4 Vario

Loaded film but currently didn't shoot much. I'm still adapting and adjusting myself to find the distant range that is in feet calculation, not meter. I asked my friend - 1 meter is equivalent to 3.3 feet. You may notice Ilford brand is normally relating with Black & White (B&W) film. It does not necessarily must load with Ilford brand film. The loaded film is colour film (expired) for learning stage. Jot down the distant range I set and exposure captured. I eager to see how the outcomes. Correct exposure or out of focus. Another waiting game to test my patient. Great!


Eric Nguyen said...

I'm to buy an ILFORD SPORTMAN next week. Yours is so cool. But I dont know whether what the photos taken by this camera like. Please show me some!

Hong CN said...

Good day Eric! You can check out the photos taken by this camera -->

I not yet master the range, thus a lot of failure shots. Not easy but it was fun to check out how good your instinctive feeling :-) Have great weeks ahead and enjoy! Take good care :-)