Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Monochrome or mono-bore colour?

Kick-started a unique experience to explore colourless view. Only two colours available - Black and White (B&W), or in another word - monochrome. I heard feedback saying that B&W is mono-bored or old style. I disagree. Our eyes able to view colour but to visualize in B&W, this is again challenging yourself to have it in your brain.

Especially thanks to the following Masters: -
1) Master Soo Hoo for lending me the never-seen-before Gossen Scout 3 light meter for assisting.
2) Master Sean who guided me how to decide to set the exposure for challenging light condition.
3) Master Kevin who brought me to the location.

Shanghai GP3 100 120 format

My first medium format roll of Shanghai GP3 100 triggered my curiosity to see thing in monochrome way. Location introduced by a master. I didn't expect to have this China made ISO100 film to shoot indoor. Insane right? I think so. And not to forget - maximum shot is 12. I was unlucky to have several failure shots but overall playing around with slow speed gave unexpected outcome. Honestly I didn't expect at all.
Standing Pillar
Standing Pillar

Open Door
Open Door

Group Photo
Group Photos

Honda 70
An Old Ride?


Kinda addicted with the way of seeing thing in colourless mode. I'm going to load another roll to improve skill and explore. Hope you like it.

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