Tuesday, July 27, 2010

小管家 (8) - 岁数问题


“四岁囖,不害羞嘛!” 红灯,停下车子,我不放过机会地追问。

“我四岁了!一,二,三,四...” 以为女儿妥协地回答,谁知道...
“哈?什么六岁了” 我措手不及地反问。
“One, two, three, four, five and six! 我已经six了!” 颖用英语来反驳。


On the way back home, suddenly saw Ying sucking her finger from rear mirror. Me and wife reacted the same time to question. "Still sucking finger? How old are you now?"

After stopped in front of red light, I continued to push her with little stress.
"You are four-year-old now, aren't you feeling shy?"

"I'm four years old! One, two, three, four..." Thought Ying compromised to answer accordingly but who knows she continued the so-called counting.
"...five, six years old!"
"Huh? What six-year-old?" Didn't expect she has another way of counting arithmetically.

"One, two, three, four, five and six! I already six years old!" Ying suddenly changed to English language to re-count.

Light turned green, behind the car started to honk me to go, I only concluded - I feel terribly sick!~


kweong said...

This look great here :D I love the story you tell here and so fast you have a daughter already at age of 6 :D

Hong CN said...

haha thanks bro. She is only 4 years old :-P