Wednesday, July 21, 2010

E6 to C41 - Cross Processing

Don't get mad with the title first. I admit this is mumbo-jumbo clause. It's the photographic processing jargon to describe the reversal of slide film processed in C41 chemical (huh, C41 again?!). You may find the weird kinda feeling on colour tone. If you fall in love with this kind of colour tone, congratulation! You are currently with me on the same train!!!

There are 3 things that make me mad - colour tone, grainy feeling (which DSLR intended noise spot unable to match at all) and the 3D look!

Expired Kodak Ektachrome 100 36 exposure... but with little help from expert, managed to have 40 exposures in total. Stay cool - I won't show all to slow down your loading connection.

All the film captures using Nikon FE attached Nikkor AiS 50mm f/1.8 len.

1/40s | f/1.8

Hong Kit
1/50s | f/1.8

Tze Chin
1/30s | f/1.8

Kia Nee
1/40s | f/1.8

Happy Yang
1/30s | f/1.8

Having good time in Coffee Bean
1/30s | f/2.8

Who said film is dead? :-P Dare to enter this poisonous pool? You will appreciate the joy and excitement of capturing images with more passion :-) Please note - I don't ask you to take for your client, please-larrrrrr!


KM's Corner 刻骨铭心 said...

I like the color.. 非常有立体感!

Hong CN said...

Thanks KM. Cross process on slide film will give this kind of 3D popped up feeling. I personally think - I not yet master the skill on using colour and background to make it more 3D feel. Another learning path to explore via clicking shutter :-)

fosterfadalini said...

bro, great stuff man. I think it takes one to actually shoot in Film first before really appreciating SLR photography hehhe. Ur good!


Hong CN said...

Thanks Dan!
Shoot in film has different exploration excitement and awaiting game to decide to press. :-)