Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nikon FE


First, thanks for Eu-Jeen's model and Chui Kim's help to use iphone on capturing FE :-)

I'm sure someone will start cursing me again or kiss my jaw with fist. Wait-lar, let me finish the paragraph then you action-lar!

Disclaimer: I hold NO responsibility on whether you are influenced or affected-decision-to-enter-film-pool. If your heart beat unable to handle with the continuous passion sharing, please stop reading and close your browser. Thanks for understanding.

Nikon FE. FE stands for? Film Exaggeration. What the heck with this acronym? Don't ask. My own definition! Why FE in specific? For film enthusiast who intends to try out what is meant by manual mode, FE is the model to starts with. Don't tell me you are using DSLR with manual mode. Check out the real manual mode.

Basically FE has two different mode - both Manual and Aperture-priority autofocus exposure (A-mode in Nikonian language). Built with rugged copper aluminum alloy body that enable the chassis last for years! Uses metal blade with speed range of 8-1/1000 second, ah... I'm not asking you to shoot plane, dude. Manual focusing of course with internal split windows screen to confirm your focus. This ease a lot of difficulties for easily "pak-ciao" (shoot-bird) fellow :-P

Don't think too much and too long while to decide. I'm not asking you to completely jump-ship to film insane to satisfy your client request. Treat this as artistic interest. Who knows - you may hook with the real physical darkroom to develop film. Hmm... suddenly I think of the chemical smell :-) Have fun then!

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