Monday, July 5, 2010

Hooi Yen & Wooi Huang Family Outing

Capturing family photo never an easy job. This requires mutual understanding and synchronized thought to connect with the photographer and subjects. Luckily during the process, everything was smooth. The sweat, timing and effort were wisely spent. Indeed worthful to spend to see the outcome that may move my heart (I'm not sure whether this moves your heart or not :-p).

It was long while I hardly went to Penang Youth Park. The renovated scene in fact opened my eyes. While waiting for client to reach destination, I captured leisurely the greener environment. Hope you like this!
Penang Youth Park

The not-yet-ready group photo always caught my attention. I prefer most beautiful & unofficially moment :-)
The laugh is always there

I'm not good to command people to pose. Another candid capture which you may oppose my way of capturing :-) Complain later dude!
Group photo is ready?

My pleasure to have good chat with friendly uncle Chuah - a cheerful grandparent, thanks for your time indeed!
Proud uncle Chuah

Kids normally over-excited with various kind of adventurous activities though they are still learning to walk or run. Parents normally get over-nervous. I'm bad!
Getting excited

Yeeehhaaaaa... cowboy is coming! Where's my cowboy hat anyway? flying away?


KM's Corner 刻骨铭心 said...

Hey bro.. nice shooting. Of course, we wont get the reward if we dont work hard/smart. Nothing is free in this world!

I like the fresh new look of your blog.

Hong CN said...

Thanks KM :-) I also love to view this series of family portrait captures